POGG software allows to determine the transition probabilities of a weighted Markov chain based on some quantitative properties of asymptotic additive or multiplicative costs. It has been proven to be very meaningful for studying biological networks.

It permits to compute some classical values such as:


The possible inputs for the software are sbml, dot and prism format. It can export in sbml and dot formats.


The first java version of POGG was created by Éric Docet, Étienne Giraudet and Jérémie Bourdon (LINA, University of Nantes). A new release is now available as a Matlab Package. This latter version has been created by Damien Eveillard (LINA, University of Nantes) and Jérémie Bourdon (LINA, University of Nantes and INRIA Rennes-Bretagne-Atlantique).

For any questions related to POGG, please contact jeremie.bourdon@univ-nantes.fr